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    Display large block of text?

    Mark Ewing

      I have reviews I've pulled from a survey.  These include blocks of text.  I've done some cursory text processing on these and have a word cloud.  What I want to do is let the end user click on a word and see only the reviews which included that word so they can read for more detail.


      The data source which includes the body of the review is being displayed by survey ID with the title showing and a colored block indicating which of two groups they belong to.  I have the answers to several questions in the tooltip.  The data came from Excel.  The single longest answer is just over 2000 characters.  They answers are being truncated after 255 characters.


      Is there a simple way to get the whole body of text to display?

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          Phillip Burger

          Hi, Mark. A previous thread linked to here discusses this. There is no documented max string length.


          The problem you pose is interesting and there could be some interesting suggestions or solutions. 


          Please reply and include more information about the architecture that you are working with. If you are consuming the data from a server, please list the type of server. Other members of the community might request more detail. Any other specifics you can provide will help motivate suggestions or solutions.

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            Mark Ewing



            Thanks I guess I'm going to have to load this into a SQL server to deal with the issue.