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    Access linked tables to SharePoint lists -- works on Desktop, fails on Server

    David Roers

      I have an Access 2013 database with linked tables pointing to SharePoint 2013 lists. I have no issues with Desktop connecting to the database (after unticking the "Use the cache format that is compatible with Microsoft Access 2010 and later" box in the Access doc's Options (Options > Current Database).


      However, when I publish to Server, it fails with an unexpected error:  "TableauException: Database error 0x800004005: Unrecognized database format ... Unable to connect to the Microsoft Access database xxx. Check that the path is correct and that you have access privileges for the requested file."


      The Tableau Server service account has full control over the folder in which the Access file lives, and has permissions to the linked SharePoint lists.


      Oh, and I'm using the Access linked-table method because I need the published version of the dashboard to refresh itself (which means the OData method doesn't work for me).


      Has anyone else had this problem and might have a fix?  Thanks. --dsr

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