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    Sunil Tikar

      I have task is to find out the all users of my tableau server and their last log in time.(actually we are trying to Identify users names those  are never logged in or inactive from last 180 days by  creating  a dashboard which will show this stuff on regular basis.


      what I need to know is

      what all tables I can user for this.

      what will be the join condition between them.

      what all column will be used for creating this report.


      Please assist.

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          Aaron Clancy

          Have you looked into how to query the postgres yet?

          Custom Admin Views

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            Sunil Tikar

            I have Idea to connecting postgres and how we can make join condiion.but for relavent to this problem I dont how what tables I need to use with what all condtion and what all columns will be useful for me

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              Aaron Clancy

              Take a look at table:   _users        field:    login     (should be last login datetime)

              No joining necessary.  Just filter on users where that field is null or > than 180 days from today.





              Just an FYI

              You can use any table that starts with an underscore.

              The join conditions are VERY intuitive.  i.e.      workbook.id   =   view.workbook_id

              Tableau's join assumption will ALWAYS be wrong because it will always assume id=id is what you're looking for but as stated above it's not.

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