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    Refresh issues using MS SQL Server SQL

    Orang Demehry

      We are having refresh issues when published to the Tableau Server.  Our connection is to the MS SQL Server using SQL scripts to get data from a DB sever.  When we publish it is not refreshing.  We tried both Live Connect and Extract without success.  Tableau support suggested append "?:refresh=y" to the end of the URL.  We manually appended that to the URL (nothing done on the server) and that does not work.  Any ideas?  The various SQL scripts refresh well from the desktop but the server data does not refresh.

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          . Indumon

          Hi Orang,


          I have faced similar problem before and fixed it by changing the cache settings.


          Please find the response I got from Tableau support when I reported the issue.

          When views published to Tableau Server have a live connection to a database, as users interact with the views in a web browser, the data that is queried gets stored in a cache. Subsequent visits will pull the data from this cache if it is available. The Data Connections tab of the Configuration menu is where aspects of caching are configured. In order to edit the cache settings, from the computer desktop on the machine hosting Tableau Server, navigate to:


          Start > All Programs > Tableau Server (7.0 or 8.0, depending on version in use) > Configure Tableau Server


          In order to ensure that the data being used is the most current data, please select "Balanced" or "Refresh More Often" in the Data Connections window. The Online Help link below explains how to configure caching:




          The following link provides more information about this issue:







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            Orang Demehry

            Hi Indumon, good suggestion and we did try it but unfortunately did not work. Per the Configuring Cache link you referenced, "Regardless of how caching is configured, the user can click the Refresh Data button on the toolbar to force the server to send a query and retrieve new data.".  When we click on refresh it does not refresh from the data source. Any other ideas?