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    Final Friction Points...

    Shawn Wallwork

      The specified item was not found., Tracy Rodgers and the Webfix team have made the forums much, much easier to use of late (fixing the auto login was a big one for me!)


      I personally have three last friction points that if fixed would make forum life easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy:


      1. Indicate on both the forum Overview and Content tabs whether a file has been attached to the question. Stop making us open the question in a new tab just to see if there is an attachment.
      2. If we start a response on the Overview tab and decide we need to attach a file after all, we should be able to jump to the "Use advanced editor", right now we can't.
      3. Once we jump to the advanced editor let us "Quote Previous Message" (the message we are replying to). Right now we only have this option in the first reply window, but lose it once we move to the advanced editor. (Yes there is a "Quote" option in advanced but it only puts up a blank line.)


      Those are my last three frictions; what are your's?