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    can't connect to tableau postgresql

    Kyunghwan Choi



      I follow the directions here:



      But I cannot connect to the database. The error message is


      My netstat doesn't show 8060 as a port that is being listened.


      I also looked at this guide:

      Resolving Connection Errors with Tableau Server's PostgreSQL Database | Tableau Software


      But here, I don't even have a connection type which has "PostgreSQL".

      How can I fix this problem to retrieve historical user activity from tableau server?

      I am running Tableau 8.1 64-bit and was trying to connect to the server from the same machine. I've also confirmed that the server is running.


      Thank you.

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          Aaron Clancy

          Go check your tabsvc.yml file.

          Default location is:

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\config


          look for:  pgsql.port: 8060


          If that doesn't say 8060 then try to connect from Tableau with whatever port it does say.


          If the port isn't set to 8060 I would recommend taking the steps it takes to get it back to 8060 just for consistency.



          Open Command Prompt as an Administrator

          Navigate to Tableau Server bin directory

          Issue the following commands:

          tabadmin stop

          tabadmin set <port setting name> -d   (you will need to provide a list of the ports to change, one per line)

          tabadmin configure

          tabadmin start

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            Kyunghwan Choi

            Thank you. It said something else. Weird because I never changed it. I can now connect from local and remote machines.

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              Aaron Clancy

              No problem.  Tableau will automatically change it on startup if it detects the port is already in use at the time which can be caused by a number of reasons.  The most likely is that the tabsvc was killed.  Tableau will start up again while 8060 is still listening from the previous session so it will grab another available port.