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    How To keep Table Calculation from one table two another using Rank function?

    Ofer Yardeni

      Hi Tableau People,

      This is A Generalization of a dashboard I wish to build on Tableau.

      The Dashboard should consist of two Tables : Table A and Table B . Table B is a filter to Table A.

      The tables are connected to a data source that has two numeric fields and company names (text).

      There are bins field based on the values of the numeric fields.

      In this example a the Table A is filtered by [Field 1 bin] and [Field 2 bin] and the [rank field] is calculated by some function.

      Table A


      Field 1 bin Field 2 binRank fieldField 1field 2Company




      Table B should display for every combination of [field 1 bin] and [field 2 bin] the company with [rank field] = 1.

      Table B


      Field 2 bin
      Field 1 bin 0-50AB

      Table B Should Filter Table A

      Table A is Working for me OK.

      I am Troubling to build Table B correctly

      Thank you

      Tableau Version: 8.1

      Data warehouse : Redshift