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    Changing the 52 week orientation to only week 1-5 rolling format

    C S

      Please see the image.

      The goal is to track performance of marks compared year to year. (i.e. All week 3's of last year's quarter vs all week 3's of current year).

      Unlike the current example workbook's view this comparison would only be comparing month to month of week 3's. I want to be able to compare all week 3's against each other (whether by quarter or year)


      1. I am seeking to group weeks from the 1-52 descending view into intervals of 1-5 weeks (depending on the month in question)


      2. Due to our wonderful calender obviously there are different days in a given month. January of this year started on a Wednesday. Based on the picture I would have lumped it with the final week of Dec.


      Could there be a formula that says if the start date on month is a Monday or Sunday, make that week 1 of the new month otherwise make it as part of the last week of the prior month.