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    Tableau Defect In Saleforce Connector

    Noah Austin

      We have some large objects in Salesforce. When we try query these objects, we get an error saying that the query exceeds 10,000 characters. There is a flaw in the Tableau connector that support is now aware of. Although the Salesforce API does limit the query size, other tools are able to query these tables through the API without issue. The way Tableau connects, however is flawed.


      The defect in Tableau is even if you select a single field, Tableau still requests ALL fields from the object and therefore still hits the limit. When support says "simply select fewer fields..." they are incorrect because of this defect in the Tableau Salesforce connector. They have not been helpful here and have said they may or may not fix this in a future release.


      I am wondering if anyone has found a way around this beside warehousing all the data locally.

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          Ryan Knight

          I think that I am also experiencing this problem. Have you found a solution?

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            Sean Mullane

            Hi Noah,


            I've tried to use the Salesforce connector a few times and each time run into limitations that pushed me back to using the Excel data extractor tool, which is quite a limited solution itself. I don't have to work with Salesforce anymore, but if I did I would look at warehousing the data locally. Aside from the limitations and idiosyncrasies of the connector, one of which you mentioned, the lack of ability to transform the data before bringing it into Tableau is a big problem in itself since Salesforce tables are big and flat so you're limited to fairly simple reports.