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    dashboard layout restricting what can be printed in pdf

    Leslie Henrickson

      Hello, Forum Colleagues,


      There are a couple issues, related I believe.


      1. What I want to do is to create 1 dashboard with 12 worksheets on it in order to create a printable pdf report that needs to be distributed, such that the report is a concatenation of all the worksheets with no large white space.


      2. What I end up doing is creating 7 dashboards with the 12 worksheets.


      3. On some of these worksheets, the viz displays with a vertical scroll bar because I have not been been able to figure out how to extend the height of the dashboard beyond the monitor frame.


      4. When I print the following things happen, which I do not want

      a.  each dashboard begins to print on a separate page, would prefer that the start of next dashboard was below the last one.

      b. for the worksheets with vertical scroll bars, the scroll bar is visible, obviously it's not usable in pdf form, so the data is lost for the reader.


      5. I've tried the PAGE SETUP, the DASHBOARD/SIZING tools, and many other suggestions from the forum but cannot figure out how to get beyond these issues.


      Attached images of what I've referred to.


      Please help, thanks in advance.