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    Need some help with getting ODBC connection working with MS SQL Server datbase

    Dean Fjelstul

      I'm able to connect to a MS SQL Server database using the standard SQL Server connection and Windows Authentication.  However, this database only supports Windows Authentication when using the SQL Server driver, which means I can't publish the data source to the server because it won't authenticate.  Instead, I'm trying to get an ODBC connection to SQL Server working.  I've been told that SQL Authentication will work with an ODBC driver.  However, I'm failing here.  I've tried an older ODBC SQL Server driver (6.01.7601.17514) and newer SQL Server Native Client 10 and 11 (2007.100.5500.00 and 2011.110.2100.60).  These work as a Trusted Connection, but not if I don't use the trusted connection.  Any suggestion as to what I'm missing here?