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    Struggling with Pie Charts - Public 8.1

    John Evans

      Hi there,


      I'm fairly new to Tableau but have been using data and polygons etc. in other programs for a while.


      I started by converting a shapefile I have using Shape To Tab (Grow your own Filled Maps). This generates two .csv files which you add to Tableau to rebuild the shapefile. You add the 'features' file by connecting to the text file. You then click on the 'Multiple Tables' option and then add the 'points file'.


      Anyway, I have managed to create a filled map using one metric using 'polygons'. I now want to create a combination area fill and symbol map - like the one here: Tableau Tip: How to Build a Combination Area Fill & Symbol Map - YouTube


      When I select 'pie charts' for the second mark map, there are more 'pie charts' showing up than polygons. I don't think Tableau is identifying the 5 polygons and then showing 1 pie-chart per polygon - not sure why this is happening. In a much bigger map i was trying, there almost appeared to be a piechart per point in the points table!


      I also don't seem to be able to get the pie charts to show multiple things within. At the moment the pie charts just show a solid fill of one colour. I want them to work likw this tutorial - Pie Chart– Maps


      I found this tutorial but it doesn't work in my scenario either: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/pie-chart


      I've attached the two .csv files shapetotab generated so this is replicable


      Any help, HUGELY appreciated!

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