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    Filter to one section on a worksheet/dashboard

    KK Molugu



      I have a situation where I want to highlight a data point based on a criteria. Will be plotting the data as circle graph on the worksheet. What I want to do is when the user selects a value (on the dashboard - using something like filter), highlight the selected value (highlight the circle) and leave all other data points as is or grayed out. Its almost like when you select an item on the worksheet/graph (when show marks are displayed with highlight option) the item gets highlighted and other elements are grayed out.


      The selection of the data should be done using something like search filter. Filter removes everything and only shows the selected value. Instead of loosing data points, keep them grayed out.


      Following sample has few data points, but if you have thousands of data points and you want to make some data elements standout based on a criteria. Hope the details are helpful and appreciate help in advance...



      Should show the sheet initially like this;



      When the user selects a value from the filter (ex. 84,000), following should show up;