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    charts not visible on the server

    Anna Rzemieniewska



      I'm pretty new to Tableau and I've just encountered a bit of an issue in the server version. It would be great to get your help to find the solution!

      The problem is that some of my charts fail to display when I try to access them online. The issue doesn't affect all of them though. Some charts appear to be totally fine.

      The only charts that are affected are those where I've grouped some options. E.g. I have the Ticket Type column with loads of different tickets; I've grouped these into daily, weekly or monthly tickets. I'm trying to show my charts by either of these groups. It looks and works fine on my desktop version. It's also fine when I publish it to the server. It’s visible online throughout my working day. The next day the view disappears though. I need to publish my file every day to maintain constant access. I have the same issue across browsers and machines.


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


      Thank you!