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    Sorting by measure of an attribute

    David Kim

      Hi everyone,


      Looking for some help here as I am stumped!


      I have a list of suppliers as my rows and a dimension with two attribute values. In the crosstab I have the count of audits by each supplier, split by basically a pass/fail.


      I am attempting to sort the suppliers in descending order by the number of failed audits, but when I go to the sort option supplier I can only sort by the count of audits as a whole, not by the specific attribute.  This results in suppliers being sorted by total number of audits, but in my case this doesn't help as I am attempting to sort by worst offenders top to bottom.


      Does anyone have a solution to this?  Please see the screenshots and I'll post a workbook if needed.

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          David Kim

          Solved it myself after having my morning coffee!


          I created a calculated field by using the attribute value, and gave failed audits a value of 1 and passed audits a 0:




          I then added the field as a detail, allowing me to use it as a sorting field