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    Centralizing Calculated Fields Among Workbooks

    Brad Lynch

      We are ramping up on Tableau Server and Desktop for some users.


      My primary goal is to leverage the centralization and reuse of calculated fields (and members if possible...) so that we don't have many people rewriting the same things.


      If we publish a data source to Server, it seems that some of the metadata does go with it, primarily calculated fields.


      1) Are calculated members not published with the data source?

      2) When I create a new workbook, connect it to Tableau Server and select the previously published data source, it forces me to make a local copy. If I create a new calculated field, I then have to overwrite the published data source on the Server? Then I have to manually update all workbooks that use that published data source so that they can get the new calculated field?


      Is this the workflow or am I missing something?


      Thank you for your insights.