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    Counts appear to be incorrect.

    Lyle Matz



      I'm not a total novice & it seems like there is an obvious answer to this staring me in the face, but I can't seem to see it.

      I have a very simple flat file that lists zip, city, state, description, value (whole number). The data file looks something like this:



      ZIPCityStateDescriptionRestaurant Count
      00501HoltsvilleNYFull-service restaurants0
      00501HoltsvilleNYLimited-service eating places1
      01001AgawamMAFull-service restaurants13
      01001AgawamMALimited-service eating places16
      01002AmherstMAFull-service restaurants26
      01002AmherstMALimited-service eating places29
      01004AmherstMAFull-service restaurants1
      01004AmherstMALimited-service eating places


      When I import into Tableau, I'm trying to do a very simple - visual - show me, by zip, how many restaurants I have & let me filter by description. (zip in row, SUM of Restaurant Count as a label & Description as a filter).


      I would expect that when I filtered by Full-service, I'd see 13 for zip 01001; when I filtered by Limited, I'd see 16 for zip 01001 & when I filter for all, I'd see 29 for zip 01001. Instead, I'm seeing 9 when I filter for all; nothing when I filter for Full Service & nothing when I filter for Limited. Any ideas???