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    Dual Axis with two sets of Measure Values

    Craig Rudick



      I am trying to make a dual-axis chart to overlay two sets of Measure Values.  I've built a small example workbook, posted below.


      The first sheet shows the four measures I am interested in Sales, Profits, and then both of these restricted to items where the Unit Price is between 100-1000 (side note: I built the subset variables using the IIF() function - I could probably also do it using Sets, but I am not sure if that is a better or worse way to do it).


      Now I want to use Dual Axis to overlay Sales 100-1000 on top of Sales and Profits 100-1000 on top of Profits.  I built a version of this in the second sheet.  Each of the two charts is essentially correct, however, what I can't figure out is how to make them be side-by side and to share a common y-axis.  It feels like a natural way to do this might be to create two sets of Measure Values - one with Sales and Profits and one with the subset variables - and dual axis one set on top of the other, but as far as I can tell that is not possible.  Any thoughts?