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    Unique Visitors with Google Analytics question

    Tj Claridge



      So I noticed an issue with Unique Visitors and Google Analytics. When Google Analytics performs the calculation it looks across the time period and calculates the unique visitors for that time period. When I pull this metric in from a Tableau connection the unique visitors is being calculated by day from Google and then aggregated by the Tableau calculation.


      This calculation is incorrect when trying to analyze by weeks or months since Tableau sums the unique visitor count by day. I tried to see if I could aggregate by date, as some extracts allow, but I didn't find this option. This concerns me a bit on all unique counts. Google Analytics' description of unique visitors also indicates the daily unique visitors cannot be summed to provide an accurate count.


      Unique Visitors calculation in Google Analytics - Analytics Help

      Unlike a metric such as Pageviews, Unique Visitors is not an additive metric across days. For a given date range, GA needs to recalculate the number of unique visitors, as opposed to adding or subtracting pre-aggregated numbers.


      I am assuming this could be handled within the API call and providing an option to aggregate date by weeks or months. This would create a new data source to address those requirements.


      Maybe I'm approaching this wrong or there is a better way to get these numbers within Tableau, if anyone has some thoughts I'd love to hear them.


      Thanks in advance!