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    Removing Nulls from Combined Dimensions

    David Goldstone

      I have a data set in a data warehouse that has 35 columns. 12 columns are a 'Difference' field (Difference_1, Difference_2 etc) that contains values ranging from Null, 0 to 120. I need to combine these 12 fields and remove the Nulls. So i can drop 1 combined field onto columns shelf and shows these values along the X axis, without the Nulls. These 12 columns do contain duplicates, so in the 1st difference column it may contain 100 Nulls, and many variations of 1,2,3,.... etc, The same will be for the other 11 columns. How do I do this?


      I did try creating a combined field (with these 12 fields) and drop into filters, it doesnt work as in the filter it will show null,null,null,null,1,null,null,null,null,null,null,null This will be displayed for every number. So effectively there were 120 of these.

      Please can you help?