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    stacked bar displaying different measures of same type from two sources

    Mark Palmberg

      We're presently working on visualizations for campaign data that would display current progress ("gift in") and potential dollars against an overall goal. We just created a MSFT Analysis Services cube for the gift in dollars, since that's all housed in our revenue system. The potential dollars figure comes from an excel file (since those dollars are not yet booked as revenue).


      Prior to having the cube, we'd pull a gift in report and an opportunities ("potential") report and create one Excel file with one field for dollars and then a "status" field for each row that would describe the dollar amount as either gift in or potential.


      What I'd like to do now is create that same stacked bar, but using the potential dollars from the opportunities file and the gift in dollars from the cube, blended (or joined?) on donor ID.


      Thanks for any thoughts you may have!