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    Red X displayed on Published Workbook

    Natalie Brown

      First time poster here!  I have a Tableau Desktop license and have successfully published many workbooks to Tableau Server.  I published a workbook to Tableau Server yesterday.  On Server, I see a red X in place of my Vizualization and several of my quickfilters.  This is the case for each worksheet in my workbook.


      I attached a screenshot showing the Sever screen with the red X and my desktop screen showing the viz and the quick filters. I also attached a screenshot showing the Server Publishing results, which shows the Viz in the thumbnails, but red X in the preview. Other workbooks that use this datasource seem to be publishing OK.

      Unfortunately, I'm not able to attach the workbook due to data privacy issues.


      I'm using Tableau Desktop Version 8.0.4 (8000.13.0825.0947)

      I'm using Tableau Server Version 8.0.4 (8000.13.0825.0947)