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    Best practices on setting up datasource connections

    Kerry Sizer

      I am fairly new to Tableau and have some basic questions on setting up  my datasource.  We have the following tables in a single database:

      • - 1 Vehicle table with a unique vehicleID and  fields like make, model and year
      • - About 10  (and possibly many more in the future) tables for each of the individual vehicles. These tables all have the same structure (column/field names) but do have a linkable field.  The table names match with the VehicleID from the Vehicle table (ie “Trip”+VehicleID).  We could add a vehicleID to each of these tables if necessary (which it looks like it is?)


      My question is how should the database connection be made - through joins, blending or custom SQL?  We are going to need the data to be live (don't want to depend on extracts if possible) so one of our concerns is how much will all the joins slow down the database connection.