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    Date Filter Value Use

    Matt Bull

      I am putting together a dashboard that calculates the uptime of equipment over a given qtr period. The calculation itself is not an issue




      However I have setup a filter that lists the incidents during a given qtr. Each incident has a different start date within that qtr. When i use the datediff function the datediff uses the specific start date time and end time to perform the calculation. I actually want to use filter period in minutes. Is it possible to grab the filter set dates rather than the incidents?


      I know I could possibly use parameters for this but I don't want to make it overly complex.





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Matt,


          There are two options I can think of. The first would be to use the window_max or window_min date in the datediff calculation. This would look at the earliest or latest date in the view to perform the difference.


          The other option would be to use a parameter instead of the typical date filter. The parameter can be used in the calculation and will thus be based on that.


          Hope this helps!



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            Matt Bull

            Thanks Tracy, I figured that might be the case the first option is only good if your data actually extends all the way over the defined filter period. In my case the data might start a couple of days after the month or qtr.


            Parameters it is.