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    Tablecalculating row averages, and adjusted row averages. Example excel file attached.

    Michel Cavas

      Hello All,


      When I set out to do this, I thought this would be straight forward and easy. However I can't seem to get this to work.

      The goal is to calculate row averages, for a timeseries of sales, specified by product. I would like the calculation to automatically adjust when I drill down or up on both the date and the product dimension. In addition, I would like to adjust this row average, by only taking the average of specific recurring dimension on the row. For example, only take the average of Q1 over all years of product X. And do this for every Q. This will allow me to compare the results to season adjusted averages.


      I have included an excel file, with on the first tab a small data sample (formatted for Tableau), and on the second tab I did what I would like to do in excel.


      Is it possible to do this in Tableau?