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    Need to only show one label for each measure type

    Joshua Gredvig

      Before I start with the issue, I know the way we have the data structured for this is not ideal (different measures should really be the one measure with multiple dimensions & we should have seperate columns for measure instead of a generic value field with the measure names as a dimension) and if we had it structured diffrently we could get around the issue.  But, we are trying to leverage some existing processes and restructucuring would be quite an undertaking. 


      Here is a small example.  Our metric names are dimensions (percentage and raw number) instead of seperate columns or formulas and there is just one generic column that are the values for the different metrics.  This is done 3 times for company, industry, and book of business.  The type of data in the generic value column could be a percentage or a raw number.  I'm showing three different measures on a bar chart, for the two different metrics (percentage and raw number).  I want to apply the label fields to each one but only want the company label to show up on the company bar, the industry label on the industry bar and so on. But when you bring in the labels it shows all 3 on each bar.  If measure name was an available field in the formula editor, this issue would easily be solved, but it is not unfortunatley.  Any ideas?     



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          Matt Lutton

          Here is the only way I know of to resolve this--you're right, reshaping would make it a lot easier and flexible (you could use Custom SQL inside Tableau to do this...)


          Anyway, what I did is this:

          -Started with your original sheet--no problem.  I right clicked on the headers for "company" and "industry" at the bottom and chose to "Hide" them (not "Exclude", which would filter them completely and mess up the view)

          -Showed only the "Book of Business" label on this sheet, with the other two bars hidden.

          -Duplicated this sheet.  Repeated the process of showing the "Company" bar, but hiding the other two.  Again, only the Company label goes on the label shelf here.  (TIP: There is a "Reveal Hidden Data" option under the "Analysis" menu--I did not realize this for a long time)

          -I also unchecked "Show Header" on these subsequent sheets so the Metric dimensions and axes labels are hidden in the Company and Industry sheets--they are not needed, because Sheet 1 provides these labels.

          -Duplicated again for the Industry bar

          -Placed all three sheets on a dashboard in a horizontal layout container, side by side and formatted as necessary to make it appears as one table (I didn't spend much time on this--you could remove the borders/lines, etc. to make it look nicer).


          One issue with this is if your users are going to Export the data, they'll have to select each sheet individually to do so.


          I hope this helps--here is the end result (8.0 workbook attached--in the future, please note which version of Tableau you are on, as this will help with troubleshooting issues).

          (click image to enlarge)



          Best of luck.

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Here's an alternative: instead of having different bars for the different measures on a dashboard, have different bars for the different metrics and just use the regular number formatting:

            2014-01-23 14_00_55-Tableau - Example (1).png



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              Matt Lutton

              Excellent, and a simpler approach for sure.