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    Stacked bar chart- show only top 10 and label rest as 'other'

    Prateek Bhandari

      Hi All,


      Needed some advise on how to build a specific type of stacked bar chart.


      In my attached workbook, I was attempting to build stacked bar charts for brands based on three measures- Revenue, Profit and Margin.


      When I move the 'Brand' pill into colour- I see all the brands with individual colours stacked into the bar. However, that makes it very inconvenient to follow especially for the small brands. Instead what I am looking for is to show only the top 10 brands according to all the measures and label all the rest as 'other' (only when 'all categories are selected!) so that my totals remain intact.


      One way was to group the small brands but that would cause issues if I selected a particular category from the filter drop downs.


      Anybody got any tips on how to control the numbers of brands in a stacked bar chart and labelling the remaining ones as 'other'?


      Any help would be of great value.



      Many thanks,