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    Script to Automate a Tabadmin Restore then Disable Schedules

    Richard King



      In our server environment we have a script that runs each night and creates a backup of our system.  I want to then have a script running on our test environment that restores that backup to our test environment each night - effectively keeping it roughly in synch with our live server.


      This is simple enough to do using "tabadmin" but what I'm struggling with is scheduled tasks within Tableau.  Once I've restored to our test environment I then want to disable all schedules so that users don't ended up getting duplicate e-mails and duplicate refresh tasks don't run in the test setup.  Does anyone know a way I can script this schedule disabling please?  Or can you think of an alternative way I can stop those tasks running in the restored test environment?


      Appreciate any help anyone can offer!




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          Aaron Clancy

          I don't know of a way to edit schedules through script and not sure if there is one.


          You might be able to run a script after the restore like the one below:


          tabadmin set svcmonitor.notification.smtp.server "bogus SMTP Server"


          I don't know if this works and I can't test it.  If it does work it could sort of solve your problem.


          Another approach could be to edit your windows host file on your DEV box so that the SMTP host name resolves to a bogus address.

          There's also a "no-config" option on the backup restore but not sure if that's applicable to your situation.

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