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    Updating the Google Analytics connector to support the latest releases of the Core Reporting API (v3)

    Casper Blicher Olsen



      One of the great features when Tableau launched Desktop version 8.0, was the Google Analytics connector which enables a seamless integration with digital analytics data. Since the connector was build, many new features has emerged within Google Analytics. To reflect the evolution of the tool, it would be nice if the connector could support the latest releases of the Core Reporting API (v3) (which is the API being used for the connector.


      This is particularly relevant since more and more companies are starting to migrate to Universal Analytics (the new standard), which also means that the previous custom variables now have been changed to Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics. Aside from that there have been several upgrades in the API, which will allow for new and very valuable analysis.


      Any roadmap plans and/or timeframe for the upgrade of the Google Analytics connector would be much appreciated.



      Google Analytics Core Reporting API Changelog

      Dimensions & Metrics Reference


      Kind regards

      Casper Blicher Olsen