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    Monthly Balance Chart

    Grant Whitacre



      I have a data source of community questions and I want to create a trend chart that gives the monthly balance of open questions.  For each question there is a creationdate field and a resolutiondate field.  For each month I want to show the count of open questions, which would be the number of questions created before the end of the month but were not resolved by the end of that month.  In other words, for each month of the chart, I want a bar that represents the number of questions whose creationdate < end of the month AND resolutiondate > end of the month.  Sorry if that's redundant.


      Any ideas how to set this up?




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          Joshua Milligan



          It depends on how your data is structured.  Does each record represent a question with a Creation Date and and Resolution Date?  Or does each record represent an action (e.g. question created, question resolved)?




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            Grant Whitacre

            Hi Joshua,


            Thanks for your response - it's good to hear from a fellow Texan.


            Each "thread" record contains several fields about the thread, and yes, among them are Creation Date and Resolution Date (which can of course be null).  I've been able to chart the newly created threads and the threads resolved for each month, but it has been a real challenge to come up with the balance of issues for each month.  I'm sure that I need a calculated field for this, and I picked up from one of the training videos (the recent "Calculations II 2-6-2014" recording of a live training) that I need to do a table calculation based on the previous month's record since a month's balance = last month's balance + newly created threads - newly resolved threads.  Anyway, that's the direction that I'm heading, but if you have any input or a possible solution, it would be greatly appreciated.