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    Has anyone had issues connecting to views on Ipad Tableau 8.1 version ?



      Has anyone had issues opening/connecting to views on Ipad Tableau 8.1 version ? Tableau asks us to authenticate everytime we open a view and even if we put in the right credentials, it does not take in and shows up the same screen again.

      Even checking 'Remember my password' doesnt help while accessing from Ipad. It doesn't get past the authentication in the first place.

      All the views we are experiencing issue connect to MSAS Cube.

      No one has this issue while accessing these views from the web. That makes it so strange. It's only while connecting from IPad Tableau 8.1 version and trying to open the view. Please find attached screenshot.



      Tableau Server version : 8.1.2 ( 64 bit )

      Tableau Desktop version: 8.1.0 ( 64 bit )
      Tableau IPad version : 8.1


      Please let me know if anyone faced similar issue and what was the workaround. Much appreciated, Thank you.