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    map is not displaying all data despite many efforts at trouble shooting

    Brit Williams-Van Klooster

      I am attempting to create a state-wide map with each county highlighted where we have a record.   I have actualy gone ahead and just created a column now with the county identified that lists the county name so this should be straight forward.   My data are very clean.  For some reason, when I connect the data, about 30% of my counties are missing.    I thought that perhaps even though I had the county name in marks, I still needed an actual street address for each of the records (which I was missing in some cases) so I created a steeet address for each record (even thought I wasn't using this dimension).   This doesn't seem to have made a difference.   Some of the counties I am missing have quite a few records and I have "number of records" set as a continuous variable with the minimum being 1.  It seems like there is something I am missing about how this type of map works.  This is my first time using this map.  I have only used the type of map where you plot points before and in that case it picked up all the records.     If someone has enountered this before or has insight as to how this map works that can help me understand the logic I might be able to figure it out.