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    stored procedure questions

    lOZ SSS



      I am testing out calling SQL Server stored procedures from Tableau and am looking for the best way to design my workbooks. THe functionality looks promisng but limited considering that that they use Tableau parameters as inputs to stored proc parameters.


      1) Stored procs parameters can only get values from Tableau parameters NOT quick filters. Correct?


      2) Parameters still look like they are static in 8.1 and require manual refreshing. Correct?


      3) Is there any way to create the following behavior?  I don’t think that there is but please let me know if I am missing something.


      A stored proc has been to designed to accept a parameter that is a key (int) as opposed to a name. In SQL Server reporting services, it is possible to set up Reporting Services parameters that are defined by a key AND a display name so users can pick the friendly name and the key is used behind the scenes.


      Thank you

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