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    PDF Export from Server not working like I expected.

    Mark ODonnell

      Maybe someone can provide some insight into what is happening based on my format and choices?

      What I expected was a PDF file with 1 image per page all in the correct proportions based on my dashboard sizing.   What I got was a mixed bag of images in various sizes.


      What I have is a dashboard with 3 charts and 2 cross tabs.  I sized the dashboard for 900px wide and set each of the embedded worksheets to "Fit to Width".  The sheets are available as tabs on the server view and are not hidden.  I published this dashboard to Tableau Server.  Below is an example of what it looks like.


      Next I visited the dashboard on Tableau Server and choose the option to export the dashboard as a PDF.  I chose the options for Landscape, Sheets in Dashboard, Paper "Letter", and Automatic Scaling.  (note:  I have also tried 100% and the "at most" options).


      What I exported as a PDF is not looking great.   The scaling is way off from what I expected.

      Below are screen shots of the partial pages in the pdf.   The charts are scaled 100% of page height but only 1/4 (rough guess) of page width, and the cross tabs are scaled at 600px and not the 900px width displayed in the dashboard which makes the totals not display.

      pdf1.jpg pdf2.jpg pdf3.jpg


      Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.