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    Tableau User Group Viz Contest

    Andy Piper

      As was announced at our January ATUG meeting, Tableau is sponsoring a viz contest among the entire user group community. This is the first-ever contest pitting user groups against each other. Like the Iron-Viz contest at the Tableau Customer Conferences, a panel of high-ranking Tableau employees will be judging the submitted vizzes; but unlike Iron-Viz, we are given a choice of data sets well ahead of time and we don't have to create the viz in front of hundreds of spectators. Below are the rules of the contest:



      1. All submissions must be made by March 31, 2014

      2. All dashboards must have a width of 680 pixels or less

      3. Must be published to Tableau Public

      4. There must be an explanation or story written with the submission

      5. **Please Note: There can only be ONE submission per user group**

      6. You can use your own dataset OR one of three provided below:

      * Last.fm Music Dataset <http://www.tableausoftware.com/sites/default/files/pages/lastfmscrape.csv>

      * NCAA Basketball <http://www.tableausoftware.com/sites/default/files/pages/ncaa.xlsx>

      * Popular Baby Names <http://www.tableausoftware.com/sites/default/files/pages/baby_names_in_the_u.s._1.twbx>


      Please look at these data sets (and/or find other ones) and play around with them. We will be breaking into small groups at our February meeting to create vizzes based on these data sets - being familiar with at least one data set will be rather valuable to your group. The best ideas and vizzes presented at the February meeting will then be utilized to create a submission for ATUG.

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          Kakia Prasad

          Hi Andy,


          I'm new to the user community. Did this group enter the competition? Sounds like this would have been fun! I'd love to see the final product if you have it to share.





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            Andy Piper



            ATUG did enter the contest and we placed in the top 3 (I don't know if it was 1, 2, or 3 -- the only word I received was that we placed in the top 3). I posted the workbook up on my much-in-need-of-an-update blog site -- TableauPro.

            The ideas for the workbook came from a viz contest we held at an ATUG meeting in February. We all thought that the original baby names dataset was lacking for it only included the top name of each gender for each of the past 100 or so years. I found a top-100 names dataset for each gender and year, then pieced all the ideas together to people liked, added a few of my own, and came up with the final product. Let me know what you think of it.





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              Kakia Prasad

              Hi Andy,


              The team did a great job! I liked that you found a better dataset. I too thought it was strange that the original dataset only included the top names of each gender. I suppose that was done to minimize the size perhaps. It was really interesting to see how creative you were with the design. I'll be working on creating some dashboards for work so it is always insightful to see how others are using the tool.


              Much appreciated,