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    Embedded reports: Error when loading customized views, saved using Remember My Changes

    Santiago Scalzadonna

      I am unable to load customized views, using embedded reports in a local webapp that uses Trusted Authentication.

      Default views are loaded OK using JavaScript code like:


      viz = new tableauSoftware.Viz(placeholderDiv, secureUrl, options);


      secureUrl contains ticket and url of the reports

      Default view is loaded OK using this method, but then when you want to switch to any saved customized view, Tableau's Javascript code redirects automatically to base URL of the webapp and not the custom view URL like /t/PROJECT_NAME/views/WORKBOOK/SHEET/USERNAME/CUSTOMVIEW#1


      I've tried several approaches, using embed parameters but still no luck with it.

      Has someone faced the same issue?


      Thanks so much!