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    Issue with total number of records on tooltip of column which has grand total

    Donna Coles

      A user has just reported the following when playing around with a published report on Tableau, so just wanted to ask whether this is a known issue.


      We have a summary cross-tab style data table with grand totals (added via the Analysis - >Show column grand totals feature) - all very simple.  I've created an example using superstore sales.


      If you hover over each cell, the number of records reported on the tooltip shows the number of records in the cell (as you'd expect).

      Tooltip Issue 1.png

      if you hover over a cell in the grand total cell, all works fine too

      Tooltip Issue 2.png

      but if you select a column and then hover over the heading, the number of records reported is double counted, in this instance 14,072.

      Tooltip Issue 3.png


      We're assuming this is a bug, but would just like clarification on that.


      Apologies if this has been noted somewhere else.