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    Inventory metric

    Justin Benton

      I am trying to create a measure that is linked to a dimension.  For example: I have a measure (inventory on hand) that can not be summed over time so in week 1 i have 10 units week 2 i have 5 units week 3 i have 17 units and week 4 i have 6.  If i was to look at this measure for a total month then the total would = 6 or the max week in that month.


      My question is there a way to create a measure that something like if Month 1 is selected the Inventory Measure = the max week of the month?  and at the same time have a measure like sales that will still be summed over time?


      I would like our users to be able to use a quick filter on months and depending on what month they select it would show the inventory for the maximum week available for that month.