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    Multiple charts: how to simplify the data source for easier maintenance

    Rina Bongsu-Petersen

      I'm developing an indicator dashboard, which will have multiple indicators.


      I used two type of charts here.

      - The bar chart represents min to max for a range of year (5 years).

      - The shape are as follow:

           + The arrow represents the value for the latest year, down if the value is lower than the previous year, green if better (in this case, lower discount rate = better)

           + The circle represents the discount rate (average) of our competitors.




      I'd like to simplify the data sheet, so when we update it next year, it'll be easier.

      As you'll see, some of the values are hard coded, and I believe they can be programmed in Tableau, but I have very little programming skill. Ideally, only column A,B,C,D and H will be populated and E,F,G are programmed in Tableau.


      I'd also like to show the values by year in the Tooltip, so when user mouse over the bar, it will show something like

      2006: X

      2007: Y

      2008: Z



      Can anyone help me?  Much appreciated!