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    Data source on internal share not refreshing

    Adrian Mitroescu

      Hi All,


      We had a lot of issues with several people providing input for one data source of a specific dashboard. In order to overcome this I have opened a page on our company's internal share website where people can log in and update parts of an excel file with their input. I have also configured the dashboard so that the data cube takes its data from the share point.

      The issue is that my published dashboard does not refresh (even when I use the refresh button) and it always shows the old data. Basically, once the excel file is updated, I can see the updated data when I open tableau desktop but I can't see it in my published dashboard. I always need to open tableau designer and republish the dashboard in order to see the new data (although I selected "connect live").

      Any ideas on why the link between the share point and the published dashboard is not working?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Adrian,


          One way you can do this is by extracting the data, then running a refresh schedule on the extract. You'll need to enable scheduling before the refreshes can take place. The following section of the online help should provide further insight:




          Hope this helps!



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            Phillip Burger

            Thumbs up to Tracy's answer. To take it a step further, Tableau makes is pretty easy to monitor for problems with an auto refresh.


            A low-cost way to monitor for problems with a refresh is to log into the server and look for alerts in the top-right. I just happen to have four of them right now on our development server. Below image is what alerts looks like. We are using Server 8.




            I was the publisher of the data sources. I'm a developer in the "publisher" role not a server administrator. There might be more/better tools for the admin to use to monitor for auto-refresh errors.


            The auto refresh is awesome!

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              Adrian Mitroescu

              Hi Both,

              Thank you for your help. I investigated the issue and used your proposed solutions, but it still doesn't work. On the other hand, I assume if I click the refresh button in the dashboard it's the same thing as the auto refresh, correct? Still, when I do that it doesn't refresh. I have the data in Tableau Desktop but not in the published dashboard. I still need to republish it in order to have the new data in the published dashboard.

              Any other ideas?



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                Phillip Burger

                I think they are actually two, different processes.


                The "auto refresh" referred to in my first post was about refreshing on a schedule an extract that is published on the server.


                The "refresh data for this view" on the workbook is about going to the published extract and reading it. If the data source stored as an extract on the server hasn't changed, the "refresh data for this view" won't result in an updated worksheet. The extract has to change first for the "refresh data for this view" to show a change in the worksheet.


                I have a "publisher" role and control some data sources and workbooks on the server. I just logged into our server and re-enacted some of these steps. If you have access to the server there and can publish both data sources and workbooks, you will be able to re-enact the process and understand the steps.


                This link to the Schedule Refreshes & Subscriptions section of the server manual is a good place to further research these processes.


                Edit: This link discusses the process that occurs when "refresh data for this view" button is clicked.

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                  Matthew Brierley

                  I'm having a similar problem as above. I link my data to the report from Share Point. But when I close and re-open, it appears to be pulling the data from my C drive rather than the Share Point site. What this means is my live conection has effectlively become a static one, which is completley useless for what I need to do. I don't have the server version. Not sure how this would affect what is going on as it has worked when I have saved onto my desktop in the past