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    pb of ranking




      I have hard time to get the right ranking in my first graph "medal Table" when I choose 2 years or more. It works when I select only one year. I understand that the ranking is made on the sum of medals on the years selected. I would like to get the same ranking for each year like it works on my second graph "Placing Table".

      I need to explain that there is a calculation for the medal ranking to rank countries with the rules number of gold medals first than number of silver and finally number of bronze.

      Thank you for your help.





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          Mark Holtz


          INDEX() is a table calculation. All table calculations depend on the orientation/inclusion of fields in your view where it's being calculated. With different settings on how to calculate, it will produce different results. The best thing to do here is post your packaged workbook so we can see which blue pills are being included in your view and help you understand which fields you want to put in partitioning and addressing.



          Table Calculations | Tableau Software

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Mark, this is a great suggestion, with one common misconception that I'd like to clear up. You wrote:


            > ...so we can see which blue pills are being included in your view...


            Blue pills show discrete values, green pills continuous values.


            Table calculations are addressed along and partitioned by the dimensions in the view.*** Both dimensions and measures can be discrete or continuous. Here's a view with two continuous dimensions:


            2014-01-20 13_51_59-Tableau - Book6.png


            And, with an INDEX() calc, we can see the Compute Using options include both Order Date and Discount:


            2014-01-20 13_52_49-Tableau - Book6.png


            The Tableau documentation and various training materials obfuscate this by talking about how dimensions make blue pills and measures make green pills, but it's really that blue (discrete) pills make headers and green (continuous) pills make axes, while dimensions are independent or categorical variables that group our data and measures are dependent variables whose value depends on the dimension(s) in the view.


            Therefore, a more accurate statement would be to say "...so we can see which dimension pills are included in your view..."


            Does that make sense?




            *** the exception to this rule are discrete measures with Ignore in Tablea Calculatations turned off, those are added to partitioning for table calcs.

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              Mark Holtz

              Ah yes, thanks Jonathan. In trying to be concise, I fudged that very important distinction. It seems I need to go back to one of Joe Mako's "basics" presentations!

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                PATRICK GELLENS

                Thank you Jonathan and Mark too,

                I use Tableau Public so I can't send you my workbook. Can't you see my datas ?If you need I can download the free trial to send you the complete file so you will see what's wrong. Do you want me to do it?


                I can't find the right Quick Table Calculation.

                I am not very good with all these calculations, I am beginning in Tableau Software Viz.

                My formula for rules of medals ranking is