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    problem of ranking datas


      Hello Alex,

      Even if the problem is old, I still can't get the right ranking when I choose 2 years.

      My latest Vizz is this one:




      Actually, as I explained on the message above the rule must rank countries not by the number of medals but depending on the color of the medals.

      If you choose only 2013 for example, you get  1 GBR 2 RUS 3 GER 4 FRA. If you choose 2011 and 2013 the ranking is false. Actually it compts the total of gold, silver and bronze medals on these 2 years and rank countries with the rule on this total on the 2 years.

      I would like to get rank for each year like it works on the right sheet "Placing Table".

      I can't find the answer.

      Thank you for your help.