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    Excel 2007...10 columns of data onto one graph - how do I do that in Tableau?



      I do databases for a living.

      I'm not an Excel guy,  I'm not a visualization guy.

      BUT I was able to figure out how to put 11 different columns onto one graph, giving a a few of them different display characteristics (line vs bar)

      How do I recreate the same output in Tableau?

      Attached is the spreadsheet that I used in excel.  It is S&P 500 data from 1950.

      I graphed from 01/01/1988 to "present"

      Then i added columns to the spreadsheet.

      I added one column for every presidental term and put the same number in each cell for their entire 4 year term.

      (each presidential term has nothing before it then a number in the cells for that term then nothing after it so for example for Bush43's 1st term there are blanks from 01/01/1988 through Jan 20, 2001, then Jan 20,2001 through Jan 20, 2005 there are numbers then nothing after that BUT there is ANOTHER column for Bush43's 2nd term - hopefully that paints the picture of how I set up the presidential terms.)

      So there is a Reagan, Bush41, Clinton1,Clinton2,Bush43_1,Bush43_2,Obama term column.

      There is a column next to the date column with a calculation in it.  That column helps to provide the stair step line graph.

      There is also a year column with a value in it so as to help mark off stair step wise the different years so as to help see what happened in what year.

      There is also a column called marker dates where i put in numbers for 9/11 and for the election of 2008.

      Like I said - I'm a database guy but I was able to figure out how to get it to put 10 columns on there and format them in different colors and in different graph style representations.

      ...with no training.

      How can I recreate that same graph but in Tableau?

      Thanks for any help you can provide.


      If necessary I can be available via Join.Me conference.