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    passing string data to R

    Bala Deshpande

      I have a Dimension called "Q8" consisting of character string data (which is really a bunch of 300+ survey responses). I want to use R for text mining and then display some visuals in Tableau. To this end, i want to pass these data to R and doing it this way


      I set up a calculated field called "NumResp" to do some basic stuff as follows:


      SCRIPT_INT("length(readLines(TEXTFILE) <- .arg1", ATTR(Q8))


      The corresponding command in R > length(readLines(TEXTFILE <- Q8)) works and returns an integer (346). However Tableau gives this error2014-01-18_1154.png


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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          Jim Wahl


          SCRIPT_INT("length(.arg1)", ATTR(Q8))


          When adding this formula to the view, Q8 needs to be in the view, either in the Row/Cols/Color/Shape... or on the Detail button. You may also need to click on Compute Using > Q8.


          Tableau will pass the members of the Q8 dimension to R as a vector.

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