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    SUM Values By Unique ID

    Sarah Kline

      I realize this question seems to be floating around a bit, and I have tried to read other solutions and cannot seem to sort it out on my own. It has been a long week, so perhaps I should try later... but this is time sensitive so I'm hoping someone can help me out. 


      I have a data set in which individuals appear multiple times.  I can count distinct individuals without issue using an extract (file is Excel), but what I want to do it get distinct totals from a few other columns. The data looks like this:


      IDContact DateEntry DateContact TypeContact StaffLifetime CommitmentsCampaign Commitments (Face Value)CFY CommitmentsLFY Giving
      1000264710/9/201310/9/2013Phone CallMAS$20,210 $11,950 $0 $0
      100035159/12/20139/23/2013Personal VisitPF
      1001276210/29/201310/30/2013Phone CallBHS$245,750 $26,206 $0 $2,530
      100127629/5/201310/10/2013Personal VisitBHS$245,750 $26,206 $0 $2,530
      100127628/21/20138/21/2013Letter/EmailBHS$245,750 $26,206 $0 $2,530
      100127627/29/20137/29/2013Letter/EmailBHS$245,750 $26,206 $0 $2,530
      1002040610/9/201311/1/2013Personal VisitPF$236,240 $29,400 $4,500 $5,500
      100210368/6/20139/2/2013TelevisitPS$22,420 $10,500 $0 $5,000
      100211339/12/20139/23/2013Personal VisitPF$1,000 $0 $0 $0
      1002118410/14/201310/14/2013Phone CallKDJ$4,920 $2,750 $0 $500
      1002118410/8/201310/8/2013Letter/EmailKDJ$4,920 $2,750 $0 $500
      100213169/3/20139/3/2013Letter/EmailAEFW$14,692 $13,292 $3,000 $0


      I would like to be able to sum each of the last four columns by Contact Type and/or Contact Staff without counting the same individual multiple times.  My data set is too large to remove them manually (this is just a cut of it).


      I would really appreciate any help with this-- or at least a point to THE thread that answers it.