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    Control Chart Standard Deviation Analysis - give me the top X that break limits

    Lynn Edwards

      I would like to build a week over week trend chart that shows statistical deviation from the median at a 'product' level.

      It currently can use windows calculations to change the color of the line based on if it 'breaks' or goes outside of standard deviation.


      If we have say 100 products, it's not realistic each week to look through each one - I'd like to find a way to show the top 10 products that have a min number of 'sales' or 'orders' that are going above the standard deviation.


      The basic problem I have is that I can't filter top 10 by product using a windows calculation.


      Anyone have any ideas how to do this?  Control charts or charts that show products that break the norm are great but only if you can make them usable at a high level.