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    Issue in Avg Time on Page while connecting to Google Analytics using Tableau?

    Mamatha Veer

      ISSUE with Avg.Time on Page 

      • We have developed an tableau reports using Google Analytics data.   All measure are showing correct data except Avg.Time on Page   The issue with Avg.time on page is missing 2 -3 seconds data in Tableau compared to Google Analytics data.
      •   The formula i have used to get Avg.Time on page is “ [Time on Page] / ([Pageviews] - [Exits]) “ which is in   http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/useful-ga-measures 
      • Step 1: Created Calculated field with some name like ‘Time on Pages’ then edited the field and applied the formula ‘[Time on Page] / ([Pageviews] - [Exits])’. 
      • Step 2: Divided the  field with 86400 like    Time on Pages = [Time on Page] / ([Pageviews] - [Exits]) 

           Now, Time on Pages /86400 to convert value to Seconds format.     Note: Time on page is value getting from Google analytics                 ‘Time on pages’ is calculated field    

      • Step 3: Set to Average 
      • Step 4: Next go to Number format 
      • Step 5: Select Custom and type on Format box as HH:MM:SS 
      •   By observing above Google Analytics Avg.Time on Page and Tableau Avg Time on page  we found that there is slight difference is getting.   Please suggest us how to resolve the issue to get absolute Avg.Time on Page value in tableau report as Google analytics.

        For detailed information please find the attached document.