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    Quick filter default option

    Nagendran raj

      Hi All,


      I have three quick filters and all of them are related. my first filter is department second one is category and third one is sub category. So if user selects any dep. it will bring corresponding cat. and sub cat. now the requirement is irrespective of how many time i change dep,,cat. or sub cat. and next time when I select a new dep. then the cat./sub cat. should be defaulted to "ALL" option. Is it possible??

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          Matt Lutton

          Not that I am aware of--In a scenario like you have described, I simply instruct my users to use the "Revert All" icon in the toolbar to start over, or to make sure that all subsequent quick filters are set to "All" before changing the primary filter option.


          What you are describing sounds like the result of using the "Only Relevant Values" option on several quick filters--when you select a category that belongs to one specific department, if department and category are both set to "Only Relevant Values", then Tableau cannot possibly display all the departments since that category is only relevant to a specific department and vice-versa.  If you set the department quick filter to "All Values in Database", and the subsequent values to "Only Relevant Values", you should not have this problem on the department quick filter.


          Does this make sense?  More info that may help is available here:  Cascading Quick Filters in Tableau - The Information Lab

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            Nagendran raj

            Thanks Matthew for your input, below is the screen shot of main problem I am facing:


            1. In below screen shot, I have selected walmart apparel as department and baby apparel as category and I am getting the results of this selection.



            2. now in below screen shot I am selecting walmart auto tyres as department but since I did not change category to ALL option, its not returning any result.



            Is there any way where the category changes to ALL option once I change the department, or can i set ALL as default value for category, so each and every time I select a department the category goes back to ALL.



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              Matt Lutton

              I understand the problem.  There is no way that I know of to automatically do what you want (that doesn't mean there isn't a way--there just isn't any quick fix or built-in option for this in Tableau), and the reason this is happening is described in my original post. Your users will need to understand why this is occurring, so they know how to avoid it.  This is expected behavior.  "Baby apparel" is not a relevant quick filter option for the "Wal-Mart Auto-Tires" department, so Tableau displays a blank view.


              You can create or vote for Ideas related to this topic--there are Ideas out there related to quick filters, but I'm not sure there is one that addresses this scenario in particular.  Here's one idea for displaying a warning/message when a blank view results in Tableau: http://community.tableau.com/ideas/2808

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                Nagendran raj

                In your original post, you have specified about "Revert All"  icon, can you please explain this in detail.