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    Underlying data returns too many rows.

    Susan Hayes-McQueen

      I'm trying to view the underlying data in my data and it's returning too many rows. I've got a text table that has various columns. My entire data pull has 809,288 rows. When I choose to view data for a field that has, say 3 values, it returns 1,621 rows in the View Underlying Data.


      It isn't consistently 1,621.


      Another field has 88 as the Measure Value, but looking at the underlying data there pulls 5,505 rows.


      I couldn't find anything that helped me understand underlying data.


      could someone help explain?

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          Phillip Burger

          Hi, Susan. There are a few approaches to identifying the cause of behavior like this. But, we're going to need more detailed information to be able to help. 


          Is it proprietary or confidential data? If you can share the data, can you post a .twbx workbook to the thread?  If it's too large an attachment for the forum, perhaps you can post the workbook to Tableau Public?


          With more information and an example, you'll get a lot of ideas on how to solve a problem of this nature. :-)

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            Susan Hayes-McQueen

            Phillip, thank you for your kind and quick reply!


            Yes, it has somewhat confidential data. I could not publish it on public.

            I so much appreciate your chiming in.



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              Mark Holtz



              Are the different fields you're clicking on from the same view or different views on the same dashboard?

              Filtering in Tableau works at the row level. If you filter out a member of a dimension for a particular view, any record with that member should be excluded in the underlying data.


              For example, say you have a source with 10 rows, and a [Color] field.

              If you filter to show only "Red", your underlying data would have 5 records.

              If you have another view, this filter may or may not be applied depending on whether you set filters to global (all sheets in workbook using this source), multi-sheet or local (only this sheet).




              Hope that helps a little.

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                Susan Hayes-McQueen

                thank you for the response. my issue is the I am not filtering the data in the worksheet, as I've got several counts based on non-mutually exclusive values. applying a global filter would then exclude calculations in other columns.


                So, my data points have underlying data, but they include *all* people from the state (which is filtered). Below, my underlying data for the 24 people in NY with dogs would show 1,233 rows, because it would include nulls from my calculated field.


                I feel like I'm missing a really large concept here for now.


                thanks for replying.


                data set includes


                PERSON_ID (not null)

                State (not null)

                Dog_ID (1,0)

                Cat_ID (1,0)

                Car_ID (1,0)


                output worksheet:


                State          # of people with dogs    # of people with cats    # of people with cars

                NY                    24                                   11                                   25

                CA                     48                                   91                                   12

                FL                     2                                      162                                62

                TX                    101                                   55                                   100