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    How to make a table comparing a result with multiple target values?


      Hi all,


      I am trying to make a simple (text) table to show how a set of measures (e.g. sales, costs, promotions) compares to multiple targets set.


      The first column should contain the actual result gained, and the next 3 should be that result as a percentage difference of target 1, target 2 and target 3 respectively. It would look like this:




      I am looking for advice as to the best way to do that in Tableau. It seems an obvious request but the only reliable way I found so far is to create 4 different reports, one for each column, and glue them together in a dashboard to make them look a bit like they are the same table! I’m sure this cannot be the best way though, and it also falls apart when the dashboard is resized…what I really want is 1 single report, or as few as possible.


      It seems that if I wanted to compare all the targets to the actual that would be easy, a % difference table calculation derived from type = “actual”. But how to do it the other way around, expressing the actual as a %difference from the targets?


      The source data looks like this:






      Attached a workbook with the data embedded in.


      Thanks for any assistance.